JeffCo H2O: Go Vertical!

Vertical garden_bottles

Need some ideas to perk up your deck, porch or patio area?  Try looking UP rather than out and consider installing a vertical garden.  Vertical gardens have increased in popularity over the past few years for many reasons.  The obvious is that they are a great way to create a big impact in a small outdoor space since this concept makes it possible to really define an area with thoughtfully chosen placement, plants and containers.  There currently are many products available which have built in planters, pouches, or holders where plants or pots can be placed to make creating a vertical garden easy.  Alternatively, ideas for designing and constructing your own vertical garden using plastic soda bottles, jars, cans, garden fencing, gutters, hanging shoe organizers, or pallets are readily available online.

pallet garden

The benefits of vertical gardening go way beyond saving space.  Vertical gardens can be configured to maximize water use by allowing water to drip downward from one level to the next.  Any water that is not utilized by the plants on the lowest tier can be collected at the base of the frame or wall and reused as needed, eliminating any potential runoff.  Also, vertical gardens are usually more pest resistant than traditional container gardens because most insects will not make the upward trek to munch on them!  Strategically placed, a vertical garden can assist with home energy costs because it provides shade and can serve as a natural insulator for the external walls of your home.  Since they are space and water efficient, a vertical garden also can be installed inside your home where it can greatly improve interior air quality while providing a dramatic focal point for any room.

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