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Admission to Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is always FREE, but maintaining it is NOT! Please visit our support page to learn how you can help keep TCNP open.

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The rich history of the preserve dates back to documented prehistoric Native American inhabitants. During the early days of Alabama statehood, the preserve played a key role in the birth of industry in this area by the works of early entrepreneur and industrialist David Hanby. The Hanby family ran a grist mill and a small iron forge on the banks of Turkey Creek. David Hanby’s forge made horseshoes for the Confederacy until he was killed by Union Soldiers on April 19th, 1865.

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Natural Wonders

In addition to the incredible scenery, TCNP contains some of the most biologically diverse habitats in this region of Alabama. The waters of Turkey Creek are home to three endangered species of fish: the Vermilion Darter (Etheostoma chermocki), the Watercress Darter (Etheostoma nuchale), and the Rush Darter (Etheostoma phytophilum). The Vermilion Darter occurs only in Turkey Creek and nowhere else in the world. Turkey Creek is also home to a threatened bat species (long-eared bat), an endangered bat species (grey bat), an endangered turtle (flattened musk turtle), and an endangered flower (eared cone-flower). This makes a total of 7 protected species that can be found at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, making it one of the most critical habitats for rare species in the entire country!

Rules and Regulations

NO Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances (coolers and cups are subject to search)
NO Discharging of Firearms
NO Littering
NO Horses
NO Wood or Charcoal Grills
NO Metal Detectors
NO Tents or Camping
NO profanity
NO Music
NO Balloons
NO Loitering in vehicle
NO Speeding
NO Parking where red lines are present
ALL vehicles must be parked with all tires OFF of the road
ALL Visitors MUST exit BEFORE posted closing time
DO NOT Disturb, Harm, or Remove ANY Wildlife or Artifacts

Our rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Any violators of our posted rules (including traffic laws) will immediately loose access to the Preserve and could face prosecution. There will not be any additional warnings provided.

Still and Video Photography: All professional and commercial photographers must apply and be accepted for a photography permit prior to shooting within the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. This includes any shoots that use models, advertising, promotional/marketing materials, or results in any financial gain. Photographers that meet these requirements but are found shooting at Turkey Creek without a permit will be required to immediately cease all activity and will be banned from returning to the property. More information and permit applications can be found here:

All visitors must remain properly clothed at all times. Traditional swimwear is permitted, but no provocative clothing  will be allowed. Changing rooms are provided at the Falls parking area.

Dogs are welcome, but always must be kept leashed and all waste must be removed. Other than dogs, no other pets, animals or exotic species are permitted.

Fishing at TCNP is permitted under the following guidelines:

Keep in mind that Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is a Nature Preserve, so please, leave it as you found it.

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