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How Clean Is The Water?

We are asked all the time about how clean the water is at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, and now, thanks to the amazing work of The Friends of Turkey Creek, we have the data to answer that question! Every month in the summer, a volunteer from the Friends of Turkey Creek will perform water quality monitoring at Turkey Creek to check for dangerous bacteria. Hardness, Alkalinity, pH, Oxygen levels, Temperature, and Turbidity are tested monthly year-round. That data is then uploaded online, where you can check it before your next visit! Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see current results.

Note: Other ways to see the results are listed here also. To navigate the data on the Alabama Water Watch site, use the drop down menu’s Y1 and Y2 to select data sets. OR scroll down to see the latest graphs of both Chemistry and Bacteriology.

Turkey Creek: The Falls

Swim Guide Link: https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/8872

On Alabama Water Watch (water chemistry data, no longer tested at this location. See Blue Hole for current data)  https://web.auburn.edu/aww/charts/DG/plotChem.aspx?Sitecode=10045006&siteID=2074

On Alabama Water Watch (bacteriological data is no longer tested here either because we found that the data was the same or better than testing above The Blue Hole. July 2021 was the last testing performed.)   https://web.auburn.edu/aww/charts/DG/plotBac.aspx?Sitecode=10019003&siteID=1264&ct=2

Turkey Creek: Blue Hole

Swim Guide Link: https://www.theswimguide.org/beach/8871

On Alabama Water Watch (water chemistry data, tested monthly):https://web.auburn.edu/aww/charts/DG/plotChem.aspx?Sitecode=10019003&siteID=1264&ct=10

On Alabama Water Watch (bacteriological data, tested during peak swim season): https://web.auburn.edu/aww/charts/DG/plotBac.aspx?Sitecode=10019003&siteID=1264&ct=2

This data is collected by volunteers with the Friends of Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. Support for this comes from donations from visitors like YOU. So, please consider supporting the Friends of Turkey Creek to ensure this service can continue!

Please keep in mind that while this data can be used as a guide, it is not definitive. All visitors that use Turkey Creek do so at their own risk. There is never a lifeguard on duty. Conditions can change suddenly and without warning. Safety is always a personal judgement, and it is advised that all visitors keep a close eye out for hazardous conditions. Also, this data is a snapshot and is only updated monthly, not daily. Changes in weather can result in dramatically different conditions day to day.