Filming and Photography Permits

Still Photography Permits

Who is required to apply?

All professional and commercial photographers must apply and be accepted for a photography permit prior to shooting within the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. This includes any shoot that uses models, advertising, promotional/marketing materials, or results in any financial gain. Photographers that meet these requirements who are found shooting at Turkey Creek without a permit will be required to immediately cease all activity and will be banned from returning to the property.

Amateur landscape/nature photographers (no financial gain/commercial use) are currently exempt from applying for a permit, but are still expected to follow all of the regulations.

How do I apply?

  • Please complete the application found here
  • Applications should be submitted via email to
  • All applications must be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to shoots.
  • We will provide online payment options once application has been reviewed and terms accepted.
  • Applicants will receive a response to their application within a week of submission

What are the Fees?

Single Session Still Photography: $20 per session

Sessions are considered shoots with less than 10 people (including crew), less than 1 hour, during normal operational hours, with a camera and tripod only. Additional fees may be required for additional people, time, equipment, and/or props.

Annual Permit: $100 per year

For those that wish to apply for an annual permit for multiple sessions throughout the year. Annual fee is provides a permit for one year, starting on the day of application approval. All limitations addressed in note above for single session photography still apply.

After Hours shoots can be arranged for an additional fee depending on staff availability. Please contact us via email to inquire at

Rules pertaining to photography

  • All commercial and professional photographers must apply and be accepted for a photography permit prior to use. Those who do not will forfeit opportunities for accessing the Preserve.
  • Photography cannot impede the use of the Preserve for other visitors. Permit does not provide for reservation of space.
  • Person count includes models, assistants, photographers, and any other bystanders within the same group.
  • No sets or props will be permitted, this includes (but is not limited to): balloons, confetti, live animals, decorations, signs, etc.
  • No additional flash, lighting, rigging, or any equipment other than a camera and tripod permitted without prior approval.
  • Application is for use during posted operational hours only. Photographers and clients must exit the Preserve prior to posted closing times. Those who do not will be declined for all future permits. Shoots during off hours may be possible, but additional fees will be required to cover staffing expenses.
  • Appropriate clothing is required at all times during shooting. No sheer clothing, undergarments, thongs, or sexually suggestive situations will be permitted. Portable dressing rooms can be used in the parking area (only), if necessary. Changing will not be permitted anywhere else.
  • Tampering with, harming, or changing anything in the Preserve will not permitted.
  • Photographers must follow all Preserve rules and regulations during use. This includes speed limits and parking rules. The Preserve’s rules and regulations can be found HERE.
  • TCNP Staff reserves the right to refuse, invalidate, or alter the terms of any permit at any time.
  • Any violation to these regulations will void any permit (without refund), and all future access opportunities.

Video Photography Permits

Permits are required for all film making activities (professional and amateur) at the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve.

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is film friendly and we are always thrilled to work with professional and amateur filmmakers alike. The Turkey Creek setting provides many wonderful opportunities for shooting that include accessible stunning natural settings, conveniently located near downtown Birmingham.

Since many larger film shoots require controlled access, we are happy to work with filmmakers to provide unique access to our facilities, which can include after hours shooting and in some cases even closing the Preserve for shoots.


A location fee is required for all filming activities for financial gain, this includes (but is not limited to): TV, Movies, Commercial, Advertising/Marketing, etc.

Fees will be determined based on production size, duration, and impact. They will also include a TCNP Staff monitor fee, which will be required onsite at all times during filming activities.

Location Agreement

Production companies will be required to provide a location agreement for all filming activities. This should include all agreed upon terms of use, rights, and fees.

Insurance/State Requirements

Insurance is required for filming. Production companies are required to fill out a film production registration form with a copy of certificate of insurance prior to filming.

Tax incentive options and other state requirements pertaining to filming in Alabama information can be found at:

How to Apply

Please contact our director, Charles Yeager, by email at: with details concerning anticipated dates, production size, and filming requirements.