JeffCO H2O: Going from Bare to Flair is ‘Mulch’ Better!


Summer is here, and a shady yard in which to pass those long hot afternoons is a wonderful thing, especially for pets. Petscaping your yard can help make it safer and more functional for your four legged friends while reducing the need for yard chemicals. However, sometimes in spite of our best efforts, shady areas show the symptoms of wear and tear from pet activities such as running, jumping, rolling and digging.
Areas under trees are often sparse or bare of any type of vegetation anyway. Not only can these hard to maintain areas be unsightly – they also can result in bare soil washing away from your yard. Eroded soil can create a build up of sediment in local waterways. Sediment in streams suffocates fish and other aquatic life.
There is an easy fix to bare spots in shady areas of your yard – APPLY MULCH. Mulch has many benefits: it retains soil moisture, stabilizes soil temperature, controls weeds, and reduces soil erosion.
The secret to keeping mulched areas looking good is to always maintain 2 – 4” of mulch. To complete the look, consider adding shade loving native plants that are hearty yet safe for pets and kids. If you used leaves this past fall for your mulching needs (which by now should have created some wonderful soil enrichment) this is the time to replenish these areas with mulch made from yard debris or purchased from a home and garden store.

What’s Happening?

August is National Water Quality Month. Many parts of the world do not have access to good quality water. What are you doing to protect water quality in Jefferson County’s 50 creeks and streams?

National Dog Day – August 26. ‘Paws’ for just a moment to celebrate our special bond with canines and commit to picking up and properly disposing of your pet’s waste.

From Soil to Supper: Homesteading the Dinner Plate – August 21.
Discover how easy and nutritious it is going back to the basics to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal for your family. Instructor: Jennifer Cole Conn, The Farmhouse. Free Lunch and Learn Seminar Series, 11:30 – 12:30, Birmingham Botanical Gardens Auditorium. Light refreshments served.


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