Discovering Turkey Creek

Look for new program offerings coming soon at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve.  We will be doing guided interpretive hikes every 3rd Sunday to explore the ecology and beauty of Turkey Creek.  This is a chance for folks to tune in a little deeper and learn new things about our public lands.  Our first Discovering Turkey Creek Hike will be “All for Fall” a wildflower hike through the riparian zone at Turkey Creek where we will learn names and some fun facts about fall wildflowers.  

.Turkey Creek Please come out and join us on Sunday, Sept 21 at 3pm.  Meet at the Falls parking area. 5$ donation requested.

TCNP announcing new Pedestrian Friendly Hours

Looking for a quiet place for a scenic morning walk, but do not wish to deal with the threat of traffic?

This Friday and Saturday (January 25th and 26th), Turkey Creek Nature Preserve will begin providing pedestrian friendly hours from 7am-9am. During this period, the main gates will remain closed to motor vehicular traffic, but a side gate at the main entrance will be opened to allow pedestrian traffic into the Preserve.

At 9am the main gates will be opened, to allow normal traffic flow.

Expect these changes to remain in effect for now on. Meaning, that motor vehicles will not be allowed within the Preserve until 9am on Friday and Saturdays.

Pedestrian only hours

Pinson Recycling Trailer


Thank you Pinson, for making the Recycling Trailer such a huge success! Since May of this year, volunteer workers have taken a full trailer to be recycled every week.  This unexpected outpouring of support has been wonderful. However, there has been some confusion about what items and materials are accepted. On each receptacle, guidelines for acceptable materials have been posted. Please, take a moment and review those so that we can successfully recycle the items brought to the trailer. When unsorted or unacceptable items are deposited, they will not be recycled and they make the task of delivery more difficult.  Here are some quick guidelines to go by:

Accepted Paper: Cardboard and Office paper ONLY (no food contaminated items or wet paper)\

Accepted Plastic: Plastic bottles and Jugs

Aluminum Cans only; no steel cans (can food or dog food cans)

DO NOT BRING: Plastic Bags, Aluminum Foil/pans, or Styrofoam

We realize that the trailer fills up quickly, but please, do not leave items outside of the trailer. Also, as a space saving effort, please, crush boxes, cans, and plastic containers.

Every week, volunteers happily take time out of their week to deliver your recycling items. Please support their efforts by using the trailer responsibly and properly. Your support will go a long way towards making the difficult task of delivering your materials much easier.  If you have any questions about accepted materials, or would like to help with this effort, please, send an email to