Spring 2021 Native Plant Sale

We are so excited to announce our first ever plant sale at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, along with the first public preview of our brand new education pavilion!

All proceeds from this sale will go straight back to the Preserve! So this is a win-win, you get some amazing native plants to beautify your yard, while also supporting one of your favorite Preserves!

While we are very excited to host this sale at our new Education Pavilion, we are still working hard to put the final finishing touches on construction, so some amenities may not be available during the sale.

Parking: The Pavilion drive way will be available for pick-ups and drop-offs only. Parking will be limited to handicap parking. All other visitors will be required to park in the new parking lot across from the Blue Hole. We will have a few carts and volunteers available to assist with loading plants.

Plant list: Below is a list of plants we anticipate being available for this year’s sale. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee availability. Some of these will sale out quickly. This list is likely to change some before the sale. We will not be able to hold or reserve any plants for anyone prior or after the sale.

Flowers and Vines
TypeScientific NameCommon NamePrice
FlowerAnemone carolinaThimbleweed$5.00
FlowerAquilegia canadensisRed Columbine$5.00
FlowerAsclepias tuberosaButterflyweed$5.00
FlowerConoclinium coelestinumBlue Mistflower$5.00
FlowerCoreopsis auriculataLobed tickseed$5.00
FlowerCoreopsis lanceolataLanceleaf tickseed$5.00
FlowerCoreopsis verticillataWhorled Coreopsis$5.00
VineDecumaria barbaraClimbing Hydrangea$10.00
FlowerEchinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower$5.00
FlowerEupatorium coelestinumPurple Mistflower$5.00
FlowerGaillardia granifloraBlanket Flower$2.00
FlowerHelianthus angstfoliusSwamp Sunflower$5.00
FlowerHeterotheca subaxillarisCamphorweed$5.00
FlowerHibiscus moscheutosRose Mallow$5.00
FlowerLiatris spicataSpiked Blazing Star$2.00
FlowerLobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower$5.00
FlowerLobelia siphiliticaBlue Lobelia$5.00
FlowerMalvaviscus arboreusTurk’s Cap$5.00
FlowerMitchella repens Partridge berry$5.00
FlowerMonarda fistulosaBee Balm, Wild Bergamot$5.00
FlowerPhlox divaricataWoodland Phlox$10.00
FlowerPityopsis graminifoliaGolden Aster/Narrowleaf Silkgrass$5.00
FlowerPycnanthemum pycanthemoidesHoary Mountain Mint  $5.00
FlowerRatibida ColumniferaMexican Hat$5.00
FlowerRatibida pinnataGrey-headed Coneflower$5.00
FlowerRudbeckia auriculataEared Coneflower$15.00
FlowerRudbeckia hirtaBlack Eyed Susan$5.00
FlowerRudbeckia trilobaBrown Eyed Susan$5.00
FlowerSilene virginicaFire pink$10.00
FlowerSisyrinchium angustifoliumBlue-eyed grass$5.00
FlowerSmallanthus uvedaliusBear’s Foot$5.00
FlowerSolidago caesiaBlue-Stem Goldenrod$5.00
FlowerTradescantia virginianaVirginia Spiderwort$5.00
FlowerTriliium cuneatumLittle Sweet Betsey$10.00
FlowerVernonia giganteaTall Ironweed$5.00
FlowerViola papilionaceaWood Violet$5.00
FlowerZizia aureaGolden Alexander$5.00
Grasses & Ferns
TypeScientific NameCommon NamePrice
FernPolystichum acrostichoidesChristmas Fern$10.00
FernAthyrium filix-feminaLady Fern$5.00
FernThelypteris kunthiiSouthern Shield Fern$10.00
GrassPolypogonBeard Grass$5.00
GrassChasmanthium latifoliumRiver Oats$5.00
GrassJuncus effusesSoft Rush$5.00
GrassAndropgon geradiiBig Bluestem$5.00
GrassPanicum virgatumSwitch Grass$5.00
TypeScientific NameCommon NamePrice
ShrubCroton alabamensisAlabama Croton$10.00
ShrubCallicarpa americanaAmerican BeautyBerry (Purple)$10.00
ShrubCallicarpa americanaAmerican BeautyBerry (White)$10.00
ShrubBaptisia australisFalse Indigo$10.00
ShrubEuonymus americanusHearts a busting$10.00
ShrubAesculus pavia Red Buckeye$10.00
ShrubAesculus parvifloraBottlebrush Buckeye$15.00
ShrubHydrangea quercifoliaOakleaf Hydrangea$15.00
ShrubCephalanthus occidentalisButton Bush$10.00
TypeScientific NameCommon NamePrice
TreeAccer saccharumSugar Maple$20.00
TreeAcer negundoBox Elder$10.00
TreeAcer rubrumRed Maple$20.00
TreeAcer saccharrinumSilver Maple$25.00
TreeAsimina trilbaPawpaw$25.00
TreeBetula nigraRiver Birch$20.00
TreeCarya spHickory$15.00
TreeCatalpa bignonioidesSouthern Catalpa$20.00
TreeCeltis occidentalisHackberry$10.00
TreeCercis canadensisEastern Redbud$20.00
TreeCornus floridaWhite Flowering Dogwood$30.00
TreeCrataegus var.Hawthorn $10.00
TreeDiospyros virginianaPersimmon$20.00
TreeLiriodendron tilipiferaTulip poplar$25.00
TreeMagnolia virginianaSweetbay Magnolia$20.00
TreeMorus rubraRed Mulberry$20.00
TreeOxydendrum arboreumSourwood$20.00
TreePlantanus occidentalisAmerican Sycamore$20.00
TreeQuercus albaWhite Oak$20.00
TreeQuercus montanaChestnut Oak$10.00
TreeQuercus rubraNorthern Red Oak$10.00
TreeQuercus shumardiiShumard Oak$10.00
TreeRhus CopallinumWinged Sumac$10.00
TreeSalix nigraBlack willow$10.00
TreeSassafras albidumSassafras$20.00
TreeTaxodium distichumBald Cypress$30.00
TreeUlmus minorWinged Elm$15.00