Naturalist Hikes

Take your visit to the next level, with a once in a lifetime personalized tour of Turkey Creek!

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Turkey Creek Nature Preserve boasts some of the most unique natural wonders and the richest history of anywhere in the southeast. However, very few visitors get an opportunity to truly understand the depth (and mystery) this small preserve contains. From rare and endangered wildlife to historical events that changed Alabama, there is much more to Turkey Creek Nature Preserve than meets the eye! Schedule a guided walk/hike with a Preserve Naturalist and you will never look at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve the same way again!

Our guided walks includes a brief introduction in our Nature Center followed by a 1 hour tour of the preserve with a trained naturalist. During the tour, our naturalist will regal your group with historical accounts, and provide a personal look at TCNP’s natural diversity. Each season at Turkey Creek brings with it unique wildlife spotting opportunities, so each tour is different.

Our programs are $10 per participant, with a $75 minimum per program.

For additional details and reservations please email


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