Water Quality – Chemistry Program

Water is the single most important resource on our planet, but most people do not even know where their water comes from (other than the tap). For this program we explore why water is so important, how we impact the quality of it, and how scientist use chemistry to monitor it.

We start with an introduction to aquatic systems and their importance in our lives, then program participants will take on the science themselves by learning how scientist measure the physical and chemical characteristics of water. Using chemistry test kits, participants will explore some of the most impactful components of water for life, including: pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, Air and Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and Turbidity of water collected from Turkey Creek.

Once the data collection has completed, we then work with students to critically examine the results of their test to make assumptions about how it impacts the lives of the things that live in it and their own lives.

During this program we will cover important concepts including: the water cycle, water sheds, point source/non point source pollution, the urban stream syndrome, and basic data analysis.

Appropriate age groups: 6th grade – College level

There may be some group size limitations for this program