Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Currents


Welcome to the newly developed Turkey Creek Nature Preserve blog and website! Through this site, our goal is to provide the public with a steady stream (pun intended) of information in topics relevant to the life of TCNP, ranging from history and the environment, to events and support opportunities. We have a fantastic group of contributing authors volunteering their time to help make this blog possible. Weekly updates are scheduled, with occasional bonus posts of supplemental materials. If you have any suggestions, or would like to contribute your own articles, please contact Charles Yeager at cyeager@bsc.edu.

Until then, we’ll see ya downstream!

Charles Yeager

Manager, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve


About tcnpmangment

Charles majored in Urban Environmental Studies while attending BSC, and obtained his BA in 2010. He is no stranger to Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, having spent many hours doing onsite GIS mapping and wetland restoration work, as an intern with Fresh Water Land Trust http://www.freshwaterlandtrust.org/. Charles also knows a thing or two about sustainable landscape design, and was actively involved in the construction phases of our North Birmingham & Seven Springs EcoScapes http://www.stoneshovel.com/ecoscapes.html Charles is married to Rebecca Yeager, a fellow BSC alum.
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